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    “Number one in manufacturing. Excellence in service”


        The primary manufacturer of apparel in Thailand Thanulux is the primary manufacturer of ready-made apparel including men’s wear, women’s wear, and children’s wear in Thailand. We provide services from designing, material collecting, technology-enhanced manufacturing, and refining through experienced weavers into clothes that both domestic and international clients trust for their quality. Thanulux’s production line consists of a wide variety of products including shirts, T-shirts, pants, suits, jackets, pajamas, underwear, handkerchiefs, scarves, swimming wear, sportswear, maternity clothes, and socks. Thanulux has gained the trust to produce apparel and leather goods under the trademark of prominent brands including ARROW, EXCELLENCY, GETAWAY, COOL, GUY LAROCHE, DAKS, ELLE HOMME, MORGAN, ABSORBA and CADEAU.

    Manufacturing ability

        Years of experience and fame, clients’ trust, and a proven record of production volume of 2,239,408 units in the latest year (2018) are proof of Thanulux’s success and also proof that we will not stop improving and moving forward in order to maintain the status as the biggest player in Thailand’s apparel market.

    Production capability

        2,380,000 is our highest production volume in one year. Thanulux is ready to support any manufacturing demand, with the power of 840 experienced weavers spreading across 5 standardized factories, including the headquarters in Bangkok and other bases in Lamphun, Kabin Buri, Prachinburi; Bangplee, Samut Prakan; and Mae Sot, Tak.


        Our vast know-how regarding all the processes of apparel production that have been gained during years of hands-on experience are the true strength of Thanulux. We have our own way to collect such detailed, necessary information as special sewing techniques and unique styles of creating pattern mock-ups according to clients’ specifications. The collected know-how is not only a unique facet in the identity of the company, but also a rich source of knowledge that can be transferred to a new generation of Thanulux.



       Transfer of knowledge We provide opportunities for our crew to develop and sharpen their skills at factories in Japan, since we know that Japanese industrial standards and quality are globally acknowledged as being among the world’s best. We collect knowledge from workshops and trainings in Japan to create the “Sensei system” that has been responsible for continually producing specialists for 4 generations. We have 23 specialists from the Sensei system to systematically transfer knowledge to weavers and technicians for the sake of the company and the best result for our clients.


    High-standard machinery

        The weaving machine is an important tool and also the true core value of apparel producers. The company therefore invests so much in improving modern weaving technology.

    Quality Check

        Operation Room: The company has a full system of quality checks for all processes of production from the beginning to the end of product line. The quality examination is enhanced by the use of modern technology and reasonably-set standards.


        The company values all staff members and believe that they are the true power of production. Hence, the company holds many workshops and tests to keep up the practice standards and development of staff members of all sectors including the business team, designer team, weaver team, and quality checking team to ensure united collaboration under the standards of the company.

    129/1 Chongnonthri Road,Yannawa Bangkok 10120,Thailand
    Tel. (662) 295-0911-19