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  • Thanulux has always worked tirelessly to increase competitiveness in every dacade, from design development, becoming the upstream manufacturer, to building strong business partnership. Entering the fourth decade, innovations is considered a secret weapon that driving the company foward to ensure high quality of raw materials are useed instead of having to buy from other sources.

    For example, the company has setup research and development unit to create special fabrics such as Wrinkle-free fabrics that has been constantly developed until Wrinkle-free Noiron was created. The innovative fabric allows the clothes to be wearable after some wash and dry, without having iron them. The innovtion has been Arrow's best-selling products for more than ten years.

    Thanulux later developed Cottazilk, an innovation of texttile fibers incorporating a mix between silk and cotton fibers.

    The company also develops Tannac Air Flow, an innovation under brand Arrow. This development of fabric has been achieved through the use of a special technique applied to thread spinning, texttile weaving and special finishing providing comfort and coolness to wearers.