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    Taking on the overseas market

    Thanulux had been taking on the overseas market since its first decade of establishment.

    In 2001 when china jointed WTO and undergone major economic revolution from socialism to capitalism through free trade,which in creased competitive advantages for Chinese products even though quality was still less competitive.

    At the time,Thanulux solved the challenge by implementing proactive marketing. In-house exhibition was organized twice a year,as well as participating in overseas business matching trade exhibition in Japan to showcase the company'spotential as a leader in garment and leather goods businesses. In addition,overseas market survey and new prospect outreach were constantly conducted.

    Moreover,the company joined Department of International Trade Promotion in Bangkok International Fashion Fair&Bangkok International Leather Fair,Asia Pacific Leather Fair in Hongkong, Text World in France,Mipel Fair in Italy,China International SME Fair in China,and Japan Fashion Fair in Japan ,among other trade events.

    During the past ten years,Thanulux has enjoyed sharp growth through good business connections with parters even though it has gone through may changes and struggles over the years.The things that stand strong and become the core pillars of Thanulux are friendship and trust that hold our business partners together.